Another look at Anchaleephorn Garden

My step-son King has loaned me his camera so I have something to post about again.

Nam is off to a funeral for a neighbor. She was hit by a car on the canal road where the bridge meets it as you go to town. The car was going fast and clipped the rear of her motorcycle. Thailand traffic is frightening. There are 36.2 accidents per 100,000 inhabitants, versus 10.6 for the US.

I am making a day of using our new weed whacker. It’s a 24V battery operated Greenworks line trimmer. One charge only lasts about minutes. We had a man coming in mow the place and it took him about 3 hours so you can image how much longer I need.

I’m making my second pass through the property and starting to clear each section as I whack of large rocks and sticks. In a year I hope to have a gentle field I can mow.

Here’s how things are looking after one year of work by the Nam/David team.

When you enter the gate you look forward to house.

On the right is a planter of flowers.

On the left a planter next to a logan tree, near the mango tree.

Nam wants to make the mango tree a focus point of flowers, including orchids, with a fish fountain and a table.

I’ve finally got the nearby sihlamb in shape and, my choice, a black grape in front.

I’ve got a lot of rocks here and Nam has the idea I could build another cairn and put a table on top. Hmmm.

The gravel walkway to the house:

The vegetable garden is thriving with it’s second succession planting.

One year is enough for new banana plants to start producing. The banana flower’s outer leaves fall away to reveal a ring of bananas. After the last is revealed you can eat the flower. Nam eats lots of bananas and has started producing fried sliced banana chips.

The heavy pruning of the tamarind tree encouraged new foliage. Nam likes to plant flowers around the bases of trees.

Nearby is the workshop sihlamb that I’ve made water resistant with a heavy duty tarp.

The cairn is practical and I like its looks.

Now we’re down to the chiang dah part of the garden where the fertile ground means the weeds grow fast.

Nam keeps bringing in more plants and I dig the holes to plant them. We’ve planted almost 20 lemon trees along the south fence.

Lately we are finishing off the day with an episode of my favorite detective, Inspector Montalbano.


One thought on “Another look at Anchaleephorn Garden

  1. In a morning marred by posts at Facebook and reading the newspaper, I am suddenly whelmed by joy to see your photos. My love wings your way.

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