15 minutes of work

Our new battery powered weed whacker runs 15 minutes before it needs to be charged.

An early start to the rainy season has brought with it an explosion of ground cover — weeds, vines and grass.

I am caught up in a continual round of lawn maintenance.

The whacker is very light and Nam can use it to cut the portion of lawn around the house where she cares strongly about appearances. For instance the area near the mango tree and the new pond.

We’ve added more banana and bamboo plants and flowers keep erupting:

And a black grape:

Our first bananas were used to prepare a dish for a celebration at Wat Phra That Chom Kitti. It was in honor of the Thai New Year and was held on our birthday, May 21.

The banana (gluay) is cut in half, coated with a mixture of sticky rice, sugar and coconut milk, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.

These bananas were sweet and big; the first of our three species to ripen. The second crop is in the wheel barrow.

When we got back to the house in the afternoon we splurged on a large, lustrous, wooden couch. The sellers were guys from the province of Issan who drove up to the north with a truck full of furniture to sell. We bought the 6 foot by 20 inch wide couch for 3900 Bahts, about $115.


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