Perhaps we should call our property Anchaleephorn Park. With the arrival of our own weed whacker our ability to keep the grounds manicured increased exponentially. I started clearing a path to the end of the property to move the lorry easily and one thing led to another. We had been pruning the bottoms of the Logan trees because we liked the look better and it made it easy to clean out the weeds.

In front of the house four logans were reduced to one.

A reddish bush orients you looking north to the house and then east to the long axis of the property.

Below if you look closely to right rear you can see a very dense, very dark green long bean plant that is producing like crazy. We’re reaping beans and nearby cucumbers by the handful every day.

We were ruthless in the chiang dah garden area. It had been a jungle.

We left 10 chiang dah and 10 logans. I’m standing next to one of the remaining logans that has been very, very carefully pruned so that the red ants that live there bite me as little as possible.

Now you can really appreciate my cairn.

The passion fruit vines have taken off and are covering the trellis I built around the fish ponds.

Also near the house is one of many bougainvillea in the foreground, and then two egg plant bushes middle left and a mango right, in front of the banana trees. The egg plant bushes seem to be perennials that just keep pushing out product.

So now we have a new area to populate. We want to choose plants that will grow without needing chemical sprays. One problem with the logans was their need for a range of treatments. Our 30 mulberries are exemplary.
Nam is leaning toward more bananas since their parents are supplying us with lots of baby starts, she feels the plants improve the quality of the soil, she loves to eat bananas, AND you can sell them. I’d like to bring in a wide range of banana varieties. I’m partial to coconuts but I’ve learned that here you can only grow the kind that provide water. The upside is that they don’t grow tall and threaten to brain you with coconut bombs. I’d advocate for more cashews but we already have four trees growing.


2 thoughts on “Landscaping

  1. What a beautiful plantation. Love all the flowers,and the fruit and vegetable producing plants and trees. I’m sure it keeps you both busy, and it provides the fountain of youth for you Dave. Thanks for the pics. Best wishes to both you and Nam. Neil and Lisa

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