Banana chips and guacomole, pavers and pesto

We’ve harvested another bunch of bananas, still green, and Nam makes chips by thinly slicing the solid bananas and then frying the slices in oil. They are excellent snacks for movie watching. I introduced Nam to guacamole recently but we didn’t have any chips. How about banana chips?

She liked the guacamole OK but has a real fondness for pesto. I found a jar of pesto made in Italy at the Rimping Market in Meechok Plaza and splurged. I also bought my first bottle of wine here (290 THB/$8.60–a red Australian), some pasta and a loaf of bread. They also had some soft, smelly cheese on sale because it was running out of time. I enjoyed the hell out of the pesto/bread/pasta/wine/cheese extravaganza — I’ve had farang food less than five times since I arrived here 3 and a half years ago.

Nam continues to create great food. She has been experimenting with tapioca. She made a tapioca cream desert with logan-lamyai fruit from our trees.

She has made some fried khanom kip morsels by wrapping a spicy filling with rice paper wrappers that she also uses to make spring rolls. Now she is wrapping the filling with tapioca beads and then steaming them.

Nam spends a lot of time gardening. I try to keep her in the kitchen by spending more time keeping the yard prettified than would be my wont. I never imagined becoming a man with a big yard to mow, but I spend some time every day trying to keep the grass trimmed.

We recently redesigned the front steps to make a place to clean your feet, now that the porch has become part of the house interior. We’ve started our long discussed use of pavers with this project.

Nam made the rock design in the concrete but the heart was my idea. K&k stand for Khim and Khing, Nam’s children.

Inside the porch we put a concrete table and benches. I thought it a remarkable bargain at 1300 THB ($30) delivered with the pavers (5 THB/less than 2 cents each). Nam and I sit here at night and play Thai checkers and I teach her the rudiments of chess. Our two kittens, Tung Tong and Tung Nuun, live on the porch until they are old enough for outside life. They yellow male is already sneaking out when he can.

Around and about the yard the Mango Tree garden area grows more luxurious:

If you zoom in you can see some of the many tiny chili peppers on the volunteer plant produced from seeds in bird poop.

My black grape is alive but the rainy season has not been kind to it.

But over at the fish ponds the passion fruit is kicking into gear.

Our mulberries are also paying off.

Nam wants to make some curving flower borders and I laid out a trial using some of the pavers near the path to the door.

The sihlamb near the mango tree is now an effective if not aesthetic shelter for the motorcycles.

More flowers and basil.

I’ve completed the cataract operation on my second eye and it is a pleasure to see everything plainly.


2 thoughts on “Banana chips and guacomole, pavers and pesto

  1. Hi David,
    We were wondering about you as you hadn’t posted for quite awhile. Glad to hear the surgery went well. We so enjoy the blog and photos. What a beautiful place you two are creating!

    • Thanks Gary and Hello to Sophia — I have her beautiful metal medal next to me here at my desk. I am tardy and for no good reason but the sloth of a King at the oasis with his harem of one. The encouragement is appreciated. How is your kingdom coming along? Pix?

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