Dogs and mulberries

We get about 100 families going by our property every day on their way to work in their gardens, go fishing or live in isolated, rural houses. Of the fifty percent who travel on motorcycles, half of them have dogs trotting along with them. Dogs and humans are matter of fact partners. The dogs converse with our dogs.
Our dogs spend time each day out on the road and they can be annoying to drivers by. Our middle aged dog Nom Sot was lying in the road the other day when a car approached. Nam was watching and yelled for her to move but she was too lazy. The car hit her in the rear and she has been unable to walk for 10 days now. She is slowly recovering but we don’t know how far that will go.

Nam has made some stupendous mulberry jam. I don’t find the taste of an individual mulberry piquant but perhaps because Nam reduces a large quantity of berries to produce the jam the resulting taste is superbly rich. She uses very little sugar and no pectin.

I’ve made three batches of flat bread (we don’t have an oven) and I introduced Nam to peanut butter — she likes the mix.

Nam has joined a Facebook group that shares pictures of food they cook. Her latest efforts include a PaNang Curry (with pea eggplant Solanum torvum) :

and a Ping River fish, steamed and covered with spicy herbs and lemon :

We’re also enjoying coconuts. We happened to be shopping at our small, local Huai Kaew market when local people brought in a load of coconuts to be sold on consignment. Since they were the bargain price of 10 bahts each (30 cents) Nam snapped up all nineteen. We had to get the lorry to bring them all home. We are eating two per day. Heavenly.


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