I’ve always been intrigued by the ABOUT tab on web sites. What does it mean? I’ve chosen to tell you something about David Kane Miller through a series of pictures. Click on the History button under the high school picture of Mr. Freckles.

(Edit 3/22/2016 — that link no longer works, but this does right now!: https://picasaweb.google.com/116127940409795721402/History)

From History

This WordPress blog is a successor to a web site I put together years ago. For many years I paid for a hosted web site and  Domain but in December 2013 I moved that blog to a free wordpress site.  Here is the old introduction and miscellaneous:

Welcome to RealityPivots. Thank you for stopping by. This page is a legacy web site that I keep for fun and because it expresses some deeply held beliefs. My web energy goes into my blog at http://realitypivots.com/wordpress/

Reality is a construct. We can pivot and step forward into new worlds.

The Realities we build will be a response to the enormous pressures our world is placing on us as we approach ecologic catastrophe.

I own a half acre of land in Port Townsend, Washington, USA, where I build sheds, garden and host Tango parties. You can see past results by consulting the pictures page or by going to my foto organizer: https://profiles.google.com/davidkanemiller/photos.

(Edit 4-10–2016 — Google is phasing out Picasa which has been my picture storage site and replacing it with Google Photos. So here are two ways to see my pix: https://picasaweb.google.com/home

https://photos.google.com/ )

In April 2007, I visited Buenos Aires for three months. I returned refreshed, rededicated to Tango and with a serious blog addiction. Four years on I don’t tango often. I’m enjoying living in a new shed that is warm this September 2011. Today I’m working on a new dance floor in the Cantina and looking forward to making pesto tomorrow.

While living off the grid I maintain contact through the internet with a revolutionary world on the brink of collapse.

What fun.