You can convert to dollars by dividing by 3

Empanadas — 1.20-1.50 pesos, closed crescent/circular pastry shells filled with meat, cheese, combos (e.g. ham, cheese, pineapple)

Tartas — slice 4.00-4.50 p, open faced pies of meat or vegies mixed with egg

Wine — I think the common size is 750 ml — my favorite, San Felipe, in squat oval bottle, 9.50 p and Pablo’s recommendation, Colon, the same: one label that was a smaller bottle was on sale for 2.75p and I thought it was an OK table wine

Liqueur — Bols Coffee al Cale, 700 ml, 17% vol. Alc, 8.99 pesos on sale
Pizza — very popular, smaller:……
Guerrin’s slice: 2.50p

Coffee — Viejo Deporte — double cafe con leche, 3p
Beef — Ribs, big rack for one person, salted, 21p; and much less, 8p for poor quality
Vacio at local parrilla — 12p


Bus — .80 p and some longer routes 1.25
Subway — .70 p

Dance classes — Escuela de Argentine Tango — 15 p
El Beso — 15 p with small drink included
DNI — 10 p
Tasso, Olga’s class — 12 p
Dandi — 15 p (with milonga?)

Milongas — Nino Bien — 15p, double cafe con leche, 4.50 p
El Beso — 10 p, cafe con leche 5p, small plastic bottle of water 3p
Confiteria Ideal — 10 p, 15p with class included
La Glorieta — free


2 thoughts on “Prices

  1. I know this is a very old price list. I’ll give you an update.

    Empanadas are 7-9 pesos each at La Continental, where a slice of pizza or fugazza is about the same.

    Group classes are 30-40 pesos in most places, and the same goes for milonga entradas, with a few at 25. A bottle of water is 14 pesos at a milonga.

    Best source for the most current guide of milongas with all the important details can be found online:

    • Hi Jan,
      Welcome, thanks for the three comments. What I hear of rising prices in BA discourages me from return. I think I could afford to live there but not have a money to go to milongas. My visit transformed my tango so I hope my embrace improved. Classes with Myriam were a high point.
      I follow and enjoy your blog.

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