Ricardo Vidort

Thank you to Tangocommuter and Janis.

Janis said…

The movie, Solace: Wisdom of the dying, is copyrighted by Point of Light Productions.

The producer mentions future “video on demand” but there is nothing so far on http://camilleadair.com/Solace_The_Movie/Watch_Videos_on_Demand/

24 November 2014 22:14

Tangocommuter said…

Many thanks for the link, Janis. It’s fascinating that Ricardo got involved in this project at the end of his life. It seems to be a very interesting and essential project, how the dying are cared for, and how we understand death. There’s a quote from Ricardo on the project website:

“I think feelings are unique, it’s like a fingerprint. Nobody can teach you feeling, people who dance the tango, they are thousands. People who feel the tango, we are very few.”

“This is not a poker game. So do the best you can, do it with honesty and I think you are going to die peacefully, and that’s important. Because you need to die to be part of what you are going to leave behind as energy in the world.”

It’s too bad the film isn’t available on demand, although it looks as if it is available to purchase. But this is quite separate from a lot of the material on the Ricardo Vidort website that has been created and still not published. It would be wonderful if this could be made available.



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