Tango’s Bawdy

I keep moving this page around, depending on my mood. Today I sort of like the idea but it still isn’t going anywhere soon.
Tango’s Bawdy

Only a test page, 1, right now

Monday, May 6
Coming soon — another new Page, “Tango’s Bawdy”, with password.
I want to add some manure to the muck feeding the roots of tango. The embrace when carried out properly is so improper.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had one night at a tango party in PT. My confabulator stated that for her tango was an exercise, an art form, and without sexual overtones. I was … impressed? … guilty? … Oops, oh dear, for me it’s so sensual that only the intensity of my attention to the numerous duties of a lead keeps me (usually) from embarrassment.

This is pretty tame stuff. I’m talking about on the dance floor, vertically. I just want to speak without being coy. The highly secret, heavily encrypted password? The name of the state where I grew up, it starts with ‘c’ — all lower case. The determined will figure it out. The rest of you will just have to fess up to a similar interest and email me for the name. I believe that Pages accept comments. Would I convert a comment to an anonymous contribution? Hoo boy, what am I thinking? … A spin-off ‘blog’ made up of contributions? The mind boggles.

And then there was a ‘Child’ Page titled “1” that consisted of the words: “nothing here”.

While I like the idea of having password protected pages I found that the Bawdy side of Tango was holding less interest as I developed — and got older. Oh well.

December 1,2007


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