Gustavo´s class

common footing. man steps back on right foot and to side with left, slowly draws up right foot for counts of 1,2,3 and on ‘and 4’ puts weight back on right foot and steps with a syncopates step and lean to the left. (this is really an approximation !!).
he has stepped farther to the left than the woman and now when he steps forward with his right he has clear step forward and he uses a propulsive lead to project her back and to make a double time move that brings her stepping across in front of him. (he uses this move in the video). he steps to his left with her step and brings her into a forward ocho that presents her back foot for a sacada with his right and then he pivots as she presents an apertura and places his left for a sacada on her right.
but he stops her and pivots her so her left foot goes through his legs then the rebound of that gancho takes her foot back on a boleo that rebounds back until the left foot returns to make a step that is joined by the man’s right foot in common step in the space between them so that they arrive hip to hip (mas o menos) interior feet on the floor together.
during the woman’s gancho, boleo, rebound the man has repositioned his left foot with a side step that helps give the woman’s boleo the necessary counter force.
from the common step together the man pivots the woman back on the left foot that she has arrived on so she is moving back on his right. he does a little jig putting weight on his left foot and repositioning his right so that when her movement backward makes her step onto her right foot and leaves her left free he can position his right foot to receive a backward gancho from the woman’s left foot. then he follows up her left foot as it rebounds from the gancho by using his thigh to keep her leg lifted across and in front of her body as he moves her in a bit of a pivot and then allows her leg to become free as the movement draws to a close.


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