Posture Matters

Monday May 14

Before Saturday one o’clock class Sebastian saw me warming up before exercises and urged me to unlock my knee (oh the shame, I do know better) and keep my other leg joints flexible. He especially directed attention to my hip and demonstrated how to lift the body as if you are lifting a package from the ground in the correct manner, that is not bending over at the waist. Well, yes, but what the heck does that mean? I interpreted it as lifting through the hip joint while it remains flexible (released). NOT resting/collapsing onto it. Extending that lifting feeling through the hip, through the column of muscles that make up the stomach and then into the diaphragm area.
We seemed to agree that “releasing” those joints is a good way of putting it. I find that the term relaxing leads to misdirection by avoiding engaging the body totally.
Metaphysics: I shall be released
In my experience the habit of releasing can be expansive to the whole self. Whoever it is that directs the releasing, can be overtaking by the habit and have that entity itself become the subject of release.

I had a pal at class write out some Spanish words for body parts: Cadera/hip, hombros/shoulders, espalda/back, costillas/ribs.

Hombros/shoulders. I watched Pablo dancing Sunday night to TTasso. We have similar desires to make each dance an epiphany and I’m wondering…. He’s got stiffer shoulders than I really approve of and mine are too. La, la, la, let’s bring that energy into the diaphragm instead and let’s listen to something Gonzalo said to me the other day when I was standing around talking during practica, “Just get out there and dance.”

Monday, May 5
Tango posture marries upward and downward forces. My upward force was carried by stiff shoulders and I want to replace that with a strong, active diaphragm/rib cage that is separated from the hips. Now my attention is on my legs and a desire to move my weight smoothly on a low plane. The Saturday movement sequence with its rebounds made me work on receiving my energy on the toes of one foot and then go to the toes of the other foot and then rebound again. I had to correct a habit of going back on my heel when going backwards; and sending my partner away from me at the moment I stopped my forward movement.

I’m finding it helpful to think of ‘releasing’ joints rather than relaxing muscles. How can my legs become more flexible and useful as shock absorbers? Also how to flex at ankles?, knees? and/or hips? to bring my center of gravity lower. A release in the leg will resonate back to the shoulder on that side of the body. Successive releases bring into focus a whole shoulder girdle which is separate from the diaphragm/rib section.

I’ve read about a body sense related to the sacs contained in the joints proprioception.


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