Shedville –facts and map

Shedville is laid out on property platted in the late 1800s. They seem to have started in the south and run out of room at my section because all the other lots are 55 feet by 100 while my five are 55×87 and are bounded on the north by DNR (Department of Natural Resources) land. My south and west edges are flanked by platted streets that are 60 feet wide, while the east street is mapped at 100 feet. My access road runs in the south street and I have effective use of half of the east and west unused streets.
The city of Port Townsend boundary is 800 feet away and I am conveniently in Jefferson County. Convenient because land use enforcement is less rigorous in the county. There are many people living off the grid in the county and as long as you don’t cause trouble you are mostly left to yourself.
When I bought the property in 1996 and started building a cabin I only planned on camping out while I waited to retire and move to Mexico. At the time I was spending most winters in Oaxaca. One thing led to another and now it’s cheaper for me to live here and I enjoy all my projects.
My first buildings were designed to comply with a county rule saying you could build a 120 square foot structure without a building permit. Since then the rule has been amended to say you can build up to 200 square feet if you follow standard building code rules. I’ve grown a bit free in my interpretation as time goes on but everything could be modified to fit with a chain saw if push came to shove.
Click on the map for a close up — but you can’t back out once you enlarge the image.

Map of Shedville in February 2009

Shedville -- February 2009


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