The Road to Huai Kaew

Here are some directions and maps to get to our house in Huai Kaew from Chiang Mai City. The google map coordinates are 19.05011, 98.98188

Here is a map of the route we would take from the massage shop near Wat Phrasing to get out of the city and onto Road #1001, the road that goes by Mae Jo University:

After Mae Jo you zoom up #1001 as shown on this map with some road marks.

As you go north on 1001 you are going parallel to a great road for motorcycling along the canal off to your right. The canal road goes past the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Course and then it is 2.69 km to our house.

Along road 1001 at 9 km from Mae Jo you go past the Mae Faek Police Station.
A half km further is the JD (Chedi) Market.

You turn right for Huai Kaew but there is no sign. You know you are getting close when two signs for Phiboon Concrete appear — it is on the left. The second sign is about one km before the Huai Kaew turn off.

200 meters before the turn off is a canning factory on the right with a big sign saying WELCOME. There is an arch over the HK road and a bicycle shop (as of June 2016) on the left next to the arch. Our house is now 1.83 km.

Here are two OLD photos of the turn:

main road entrance to Huai Kaew without buildingsmain road entrance to Huai Kaew without buildings2

If you follow the main road through town you come out to the canal road and go across a bridge.

Here’s a map:,98.965967/19.050255,98.9822319/@19.0458334,98.9763525,15z?hl=en&hl=en


And here is an old photo of the bridge:

Over the bridge Screenshot_2016-05-26_17-06-12


After crossing veer right and follow the main road as it loops and goes past a paper factory and comes to a public walled enclosure for cremations. Turn right after that. This road will now take you to our house on the left. It is the last house before you get to a Y intersection.,98.9822471/19.0456645,98.965533/@19.0458334,98.9763525,15.75z/data=!4m2!4m1!5i2?hl=en&hl=en