Learning through eating

It’s helpful for me to follow up on Nam’s meals and try to learn their names accurately. So I keep a Notes page that keeps growing. Sometimes I don’t care to work out a full post so I’m going to start a series of pages for reference only under the Pages Heading: My Thai

Like this:

Nam made fried rice with blue flowers this morning.



ดอก   อัญชัญ

Flower                     Butterfly Pea blue flower

Fred rice with Butterfly Pea blue flower



ผัด เปรี้ยว หวาน หมู
phatL bpriaaoF waanR muuR

stir-fry……    sour…………….      sweet……..     pork

The picture includes a side dish of Nam Phrik Makam.


แกงฮังเล — Gaeng Hung Lae


Gaeng Hang Lay (แกงฮังเล) is a Northern Thai Lanna curry …

There is no (or very little) coconut milk in Gaeng Hang Lay: the sauce is enriched by the long, slow simmering of the sweet, fat-layered pork and warm spices. A handful of fresh ginger, some shallots, and several whole heads (yes) of peeled garlic cloves are added last, cutting through the oil.


This recipe comes all the way from India through the northern Burmese border. The masala spice mix is still sold in small packages with retro looking prints that seem to forever exist.

There is no way in a recipe to communicate what’s going on in here; a thick red chili paste marinate, that bursts in orange turmeric color, provides the perfect seen to the tender, almost falling apart, pork meat.

If you like curries with the thickness and complexity of the Matsaman Curry, you will enjoy this salty, sweet and sour dish.

– See more at: http://www.thaifoodmaster.com/ingredient/meats/pork/1185#sthash.mdgRCdnl.dpuf


4. Northern Pork Curry (Kaeng Hang Lei, แกงฮังเล)

A tender, stewed pork curry which reminds me of the generic microwave ‘curries’ of the UK (if that means anything to you). The sauce of Kaeng Hang Lei is the least spicy of curries I’ve come across in Thailand and is slightly fruity with tastes of tomato. Of course 100% delicious and makes the perfect curry for those with a less fiery palate. Kaeng Hang Lei brings a slight Burmese influence infusing turmeric with tamarind, ginger and garlic. While popularity doesn’t quite match the Khao Soi curry it does rank highly on Northern Thai menus. Another favourite at Khantoke feasts.





ไข่พะโล้  — khai[h] phalo[h] —  eggs and pork stewed in gravy — /

For my edification Nam explained that the dish we had one evening across the street at a little food stand was similar in a way — but not so tasty. It was Khaa Khao Moo — pork leg on rice.

ขา ข้าว หมู — khaa khao muu–leg rice pork]


This is a Chinese import, now improved by Thai cooking arts. You can also make this with duck:


bpetL phaH lo:hH

pot-stewed duck 


One thought on “Learning through eating

  1. wow! flower rice is so lovely.
    I ate fiower salad and flower fried.
    but I think that flower rice is more good.*^^*

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