Thai Language

March 18, 2015

Nam has been making some audio recordings of my Thai language lessons and I thought I would make them available to my fellow students.

They are available for download at my Google Drive Public Space:




4 thoughts on “Thai Language

  1. Hello~I,m Korea lady in the Thai class.
    my name Ji Eun Kim. *^^*
    I heard audio recordings . very nice!!
    Thank you so much!

      • I’m glad too. this is great!
        I hope to continue study. but Monday is the last class.
        I will come here is often.*^^*

      • Oh good.
        We’ve moved so fast in these classes that I’m overwhelmed but I can work a little bit each day on playing her words and repeating them and slowly I discern the sounds and can repeat them.
        It is amusing to set her down to make the recording and fuss over the headset and microphone and bring the ‘star’ a cup of water to lubricate her throat.

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